Thursday, August 22, 2013


Ok, well I just found out Madonna has gold grills on her teeth and I figured out I do not give a flying shit if she has Gold Grills or is even alive.. Not sure that makes me a bad person but really in end who cares? 

Is someone life so empty and undefined that they care about someone else teeth? Think about that a sec, you are not a dentist, you not a friend, related or anything to this person, and you say you care she has gold grills? That is sad!! Really you mean nothing at all to her, and do not give me that BS that you meet her one day or she said she cares for all her fans. Unless you talk to her daily or any of these people as often as you do friends, you are nothing to them at best you are an ant they can squish and never miss.

Only reason I even cared enough to find out what's up with her teeth is I was writing something and I figure I use something stupid like that as a gag line. So I saw it on AOL and figure I find out more details like what was up with her teeth and then I saw it and I thought who the fuck cares -_- but in end if I was not writing something and decided to use that as a gag line, I would of never cared enough to find out more. I would of just ignored it.

This reminded me of Cyndi Lauper: Still So Unusual (btw I have to google that) it was being advertise on TV almost in every commercial break, I finally gave in and wanted to know who the hell she was, really I did not know -_- BUT I found out she was a singer and sang a song I liked I was oh, that lady!!! I know her now… I thought she was dead… after that I still never watched the show. Mostly because I stopped watching TV and stood to watch things online where I can easily ignore any commercials and I pretty much do that.

It is not like I never EVER heard of these people, I knew Cyndi from her songs and Mononna is famous for singing so I heard of them, but their personal lives… I do not care.  For example, I love Will Smith I think he is a great actor, every role he does he does well and yes including Handcock he did it great. Not his fault editing and scripts are bad jobs are jobs. BUT I did not know he was even married none the less had a few kids till after I saw “The Pursuit of Happyness” then I found out he was married and did have kids, I was like wow that is nice, moving on…

Just in end of day these are just people who do a job, just because I like the job they do does not mean I care about their lives. You can say what you want, but I like some baker’s cookies, some cooks food and some people are great a customer service and I do not give a shit about their lives as well. Nor do you no reason to care about these famous people lives as well.  Do not get me wrong at all, I care about my friends lives all the time, I ask how they doing any fun news and I love the stories they tell. But these famous people… Ones I never meet and most likely never will. I really do not see why what they do is so important that it is consider NEWS, I remember when news use to be about something happening important not that Famous Bitch #1 dress looks better then Famous Bitch #2.

But then you may say something to me like, oh you have some famous people in your FB account, well I do, yes I do, but you see, I FUCKING TALK TO THEM!! More than just posting on their updates, I interact with them, talk to them on FB IM and so on, not daily, we all busy after all but as much as I do some friends.  So we are more than just fan and famous person I think so anyway, we may not be greatest friends on earth but I still care about their life some and besides in some cases I am not really a fan of theirs ;) I just added them and started talking to them and in one bad case I did not even know they was famous @@

Also you can say I do not care about current events and so on.. Which is partly true I do not care, but I do keep track of some more important things then did Justin Bieber take a shit today, did he? I do not care so do not tell me. But I prefer the more real news, about what really going on, wars, and are places fixed, government spending and lies. Not that Obama has a new dog, which I don’t fuckin’ care.

In end I do not suspect people to relate or even read this, I think maybe 5 people will read this if I am lucky, this is just a rant about how I see things and how sad I see us being as well to vent and practice so I do not go on a killing spree, so really, have fun and eat a cookie!

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