Friday, May 10, 2013

Moved away...

WELLLLLLL I have not posted in a few months sorry sorry all, well if anyone watches this I am sorry. 

Most reason I did not post is because well I been depress or lazy, you can decided which you prefer. I know I been depress for last few years and wanted to do a few things to change my life around in a great way, also I play to see a psychologists soon but that will not be for a few months.
But for now in the last few months much has changed I have moved from PA and now live in Cali, which is all thanks to a friend, but sadly I still seem to depend on others to have a roof and so on… But my plans are to find my own place soon; very very soon, I think moving out and being with a roommate or on my own will help a lot. I think over all roommate idea is best, I know a friend that is very nice and we have a lot in common, comics, movies, food, and so on.. So that would be great I am sure we will have issues at first but that is ok, always ok.

Besides that I am working on art, writing and my site, so once they are all done I will be updating this thing a lot more. My plans for updates is a whitecastle review, a DiGiorno Pizza, a few movie reviews, I saw a few movies, including IRONMAN 3. Besides those I also reading a book I like some I may review that, especially if site done and I join amazon affiliate program.. Got to earn me some money after all, tho I doubt that will bring in any money really but it’s worth a try.

As long as I do not get too depress I should be able to keep going. Once I get my own place I will be offline for a week maybe two but once I return I will post. I plan to keep the limit on how long I take off less now.  I hoping for the next update to be within 2 weeks, not sure what it will be but I leaning towards the Food ones, maybe one or both at once to hurry.

Also one day I was applying for a job and someone said I have nice handwriting O_o I was shocked and happy, some reason it made me feel good.

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