Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lexviews: Chima and The Batman

Lego Legends of Chima

I just finished watching Chima around 30 minutes ago... I t took me some time to think about the show... But lets start at the beginning.

When I saw the commercials for this show, first thing I thought of was Lego Thundercats! After watching it... I still think Lego Thundercats with some changes... Really there tag line of beast like you never seen them before is really really wrong I seen this before, and done better the first show was not all that well done. It does not pull me in at all. Also it seems so much like Thundercats, and a few other shows put together. Also the legendary beast (which are big normal animals) only one appears for about a minute that is it, they could of done without the beast really, the parents are alive so this show.. is already predictable right off the table. This is one show I will not be watching again.

The first episode rushed and shoved so much at you it really did not go into great details on any single idea. Every time it was getting into details something would happen (alligator would attack) then it would go in that direction and then another attack it really was not that great. Really at one point I have no idea how a war started, I felt like that meme “That escalated quickly” really it did so much happen in what I think is a few days at most that happen in the world and really it looks like it took place in one day which makes it more confusing.

Either way the enemy, if you can call it that, is not that much of a threat they used that friendship hook but really he is as much threat as a cool breeze is to a forest fire. He is far from a threat and is easy fought several times in this one movie making him seem as feared as well a marshmallow.. Really this is not a threat and towards the end of the show it looks like his sister changed, odds are that will be forgotten when it starts over again. Really I would of not even shown the beast in the first show that could have been a big revealed at end of series but nooo.. They exposed one at the start making it not that big later on. Gotta love shows that want to sell products.


This show, I watched all 5 seasons a few weeks ago. I liked it MOSTLY... I like the ideas they put out and the designs of most the characters and the ideas they had of the bad guys. Even how Hugo Strange replaced Scarecrow that is 100% fine with me, Hugo is a good Batman villian smart and cunning but obsessive. The Joker I had mix feelings for he was good in some areas and other areas he was more like a joke, over all decent. Other villains, Mr Freeze, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and so on I did like. Bane was a bit crazy but really he was ok as well. Also Catwoman looked more like a bat then a cat but I was ok with that as well, at least she had a spine and was not one inch away from a super bowl half time show.

I loved, I repeat I LOVED Batgirl in this series, she was fun, and awesome. I really really wish they used her more and dove into her more. This series introduce her before robin which works well, once robin shows up it really is to many and they really work with robin more then batgirl which is sad. Only other thing I dislike is why was there no WONDER WOMAN in the JL? WHY? WHY!?! She is one of the key figures in the DCU and on top of that she is one of the trinity!!! WTF!!! She should have been in the JL, not like it would have been hard for them to add her, she would have been more fun to add then some others...

The Justice League really is a dog feast at end, all men and you can say the junior members count but not really.. just a bunch of men!! Really I understand Green Arrow, but they could of used her instead of hawkman, he was pretty much useless in the show. But I see why they used GA since his new show and all.. Also he is like batman I would of liked a animated show like batman using Green Arrow he is fun character and would have been nice to see Black Canary, Speedy, then Arsenal and Artemis

Mia Dearden would be a good side kick and it would show progression.. First used Roy then a few seasons he does the Young Justice thing and turn to red arrow then Arsenal and in between he trains Artemis and then Mai, which would be awesome series imo.. I pretty much thought of an outline that would work... -_-”

Anyway sorry to get off the series.. Really at end of Batman series, I liked it then the guest stars appear and drove away from the bat family. Which is sad since they had more stories to tell easily and more baddies. But I did like Superman and Batman did wear the Green Lantern ring which is awesome ^_^ which they would of dove more into it then just the few seconds he wore it wish it would of seen his WILLPOWER power that ring. Would of been fun to see. Also would of loved to seen more Superman/Batman team up. Over all I would love to see a trinity series of cartoons, DC does well in the animation and tv department. But in movies they are more miss then hit which is sad. They have something good and do not go with it and canceled it or just stop. But that is life.

Anyway as for which show to watch.. Watch The Batman that show is good specially the first 4 seasons. The 5th is good as well do not get me wrong but they pull away from Batman too much it may as well be called brave and the bold or so. Chima... Do not watch it, I liked Ninjago but this series is well kinda like Ninjago meets Thundercats and a few other shows mixed in. Chima is good if that is the only thing on in hell but when you have choices, use them. For me I will read a book :)

As also this is just mu opinions on the shows I am no expert nor do I claim to be one. I just like to say what I feel and how I feel, nothing more or less. I have been into comics since 1989 I read them and collected them since and lost many over the years.

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