Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year update

Well hello all!!! How I miss talking (YES I KNOW I DO NOT DO IT ALOT)

I digress, the number one question on everyone mind is “What did I get for Xmas?” Well, I am well over kiddie age for xmas, it far from has same appeal as it does for kids and younger folks. For me most it's another day and the young ones get to get gifts for being young, so me being well over the age of kids I do not suspect anything and that is pretty much what I got. I did get some cloths but really that is far from what I wanted... Books, Comics and so on I want not cloths picked by people that have no idea what I like. But it was nice anyway :)

My NEW brand spanking new job will be Web Designing and update of the web site :) WHICH I WOV!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :) Finally a job I like and will be more then happy to do! I am looking for a new place to live but I get to be picky for once which I like.

So more good news as days go on, I am working daily on my stories both the Necromancer Girl and Emerald Reaper comics are coming along, also working on some writing I thought of a great story that I can turn to a Table Top Module with full stories and character types and classes. Which I can more then expand on easy. I came up with it as I watched The Spoony Experiment, which I would recommend if you have yet to watch it. I will post a few of my favorite videos at end of this blog.

I do have some review ideas to talk about I am hoping to expand on it as I think it over and type, the biggest issue with the reviews I seem to have is I see them better as videos and I far from have the space and camera for that atm.. but I will have the space soon just not the came but I could do a voice review like Zero Punctuation it is an idea, I may explore actually, we will see in a few weeks still the first few I know will be text reviews as I did on the other site I have to fix a few things and read others text reviews to get a better feel for it, so if you have a few link them I do just like to read em anyway ^_^

But over all I just want to voice some opinions and just say stuff! Specially if others have not pointed it out or did not go into it as much. I may also do some suggestions after some time, after all I need to get the audience first to make the suggestions and I know there are tons of other reviewers out there but that is ok :) one more will not hurt at all.

Well enough of that fun for now... I will make more blogs in time :)

Some good Spoony Vids
Counter Monkey These videos are just fun really very fun :) good learning and all around good time. Makes me want to do table tops again and gave me soooo many ideas for what to do and be a better table topper.

Ultima Reviews A fan a beloved fan gets betrayed and you get to see the end result of it all, to bad if I could redo the Ultima 8 and 9 I would of ended better.

Ever wonder why Yor is the man... Watch this =D After all he never seen the sun and some how he got a great golden tan.

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