Saturday, October 6, 2012


Well all, it has been a few few weeks...well months been over two months since I updated, not from lack of excitement more or less just been really busy.

New owners took over where I work so I had to move and change a few things in life but good news is they are fixing up the place and they offered me a new job ^_^ I got trained in the easier one I will get trained in the other program later on. They want to try me out first which I like so far. So far the job not bad wish I had more like it but as they say why wish when you can have!! So I will be looking for work where I will not have to go to an “office” I can make my own hours as long as I am on time with everything.

So soon I will do that more then other things but for now I will do my best to reach my goals.

On other points I hoping I will have the Halloween special done atm it's hard to tell if it will be done but I do know I will be only one to draw in it. I have 3 stories (well 4) in mind and it should be tied together. I plan to have a lot and I mean LOTS of BG guest stars and one very big one!! I put NG and other comics on hold till I finish this comic. My birthday is in a few weeks so I am hoping I will have all the pencil work done by then and have some inking done. If not after my birthday it will be fast pace and that does not sound fun so I will be working on it ^_^

With Necromancer Girl comic, I am nearly done with chapter 1 I had a few hiccups along the way but I am nearly done but my plan is to have it out for Jan or Feb I am not sure what date yet I want to do Jan but I feel I will have better luck in February to sell.

Besides art things I have written a little waaaay less then I really wanted to but more then I did last year, not counting scripts over messenger. So I am more then happy atm ^_^

Also I watched Avengers, ASM, and Batman, and Really outta the 3 I liked the Avengers the most, ASM was ok too much like Batman and man did he expose his ID like 4 times in the film, and Batman was ok, I did not feel much for it, it was ok, acting ok, story ok, nothing amazing about the two films. It was just ok, not really worth the price of the movie ticket but I will not complain about it too much. As for Avengers I liked it enough to get the pre order and I do own the 4 disc collection ^_^

I may get into it more later on but I doubt it really, so do not suspect such a thing.

I have been playing DCU Online and that game is semi fun in all sorts of ways, it's boring if you play alone a lot but fun if you play with others. Make new friends and have fun, that is the way it is fun, but that is the same with any MMO. I meet a lot of nice people and I plan to play longer but as of now I play a few hours a week. Just to do something while waiting. But I made a few heroes tried to get a few to look like my own but I see to many limits I do not like. Limits on powers and types of heroes, you can be a person that heals, gives energy or tanks, also the DPS class but any can be DPS. But those limits are not too fun. And the powers I do not like too much as well, it seems limited but playable for now anyway.

Well for now this is all I have to say my birthday is soon so more will be talked then I think ^_^ things are changing and soon they will get better I hope :) So we will see.

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