Monday, July 23, 2012

Long Week

Hello all, it's been a while, why you may ask?? Well, I been working on art and I been working. The two days off I was suppose to have during the week was canceled and I ended up having to not work Friday and Saturday but I ended up helping out with work anyway when my mom came around. Also I wanted to watch her, she gets panic attacks and seizures so I wanted to watch her, just in case!

But good news nothing happen to her, bad news I did not get to do all the things I wanted to do on my days off. Oh well I did draw 5 pages of a comic, now am I going to keep those 5 pages... maybe not the pages are ok but I hate the direction it is going, well not hate, but dislike is a better word...

Besides that I read and seen countless things that got me asking questions such as wtf...

Such as Annoying Orange.. really who on earth okayed that show? I watched all the commercials, and I watched one ep.. and really.. it is beyond stupid!! The mouths do not sync up with what they saying, the mouths just move and the voice talks, pauses and the such are not around.. It is a stupid show, makes no sense and really is a waste of time.

Cartoon Network is the current generations MTV, where they should play Cartoons but they slowly pulling away from cartoons and moving to live action garbage. And really that's what they all been, I have yet seen one live action show on Cartoon Network I would sit and watch, Level Up is just dumb, that is not how ANYTHING works, why is the girl not a gamer? She is just your stereotype girl, that is dumb. That Dr Eric show... yea that is just stupid mix with dumb.

I also been watching Green Lantern lately, and I am not even shocked that I do not like it. I have no idea that Kilowog and Hal was such a stupid team. Every episode they loose their power and really the most powerful weapons in the universe and they only make small things... I have no idea what to say.. Also I am not a big fan of CGI I see how it is a good thing being you do not have to remake the same image 100000 times but... I do not like it, still looks a little stiff for me and I can not like it as much as normal animation. Young Justice I like it but I really dislike what origins they used for the characters. I dislike the Superman like SuperBoy I liked it when he was not just a copy of Superman, but now that all he is a weaker version of Superman and that is sad. This SuperBoy is always angry and mad and you just want to punch him, while the 2nd SuperBoy from when Superman died was not angry all the time but cool and mad mistakes and was not just a Superman clone. The shorts are ok, tho I dislike some of them a little, but not enough to not enjoy it.

Anyway I read lots of comics this week as well, NextMen, KickAss2, HitGirl, to name a few, not just one issue a few issues for Kick Ass I read #2-current and Next Men I read around 16 issues. Hit Girl only has one issue out that I know of.. So yea that is a fun read all of them ^_^

Also I drew a bit this week, not as much as I planned I need to change some things now in my scheduling but nothing big just some changes in what I do and when.. Maybe not a big change as well since I have to do a few things :)

But really over all I want to fix my sites some so I been working on that more then anything else, so I can make my site and move forward with my plans!!!

Anyway have fun all =3

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