Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Ok, now for the last few days maybe even weeks this has been happening to me, mostly online as well.

I would ask two questions and get one answer that really does not explain anything at all.. An example would be:

How is the weather? Hot? Rainy?

They would answer with this:


Now, I will wait a few seconds and see no other activity from them.. I am not 100% sure about you all, but that does not answer my question at all, is it hot? rainy? I have no idea... So then I have to ask them again about it and then they will finally answer me after asking them AGAIN...

Really why on earth do I have to even ask more then once? This is just an example but over all it happens way to much really. If I asked a question answer it properly most times they say yes and it means something else really.

Another thing that just makes me angry is when I go though all the trouble of typing something lets say like this. And then after about 10 mins of talking, they ask a question, normally that is good but when the answer to the question is something I talked about in details 10 mins ago... I am not happy to explain all this again. Really if you are not reading or listening then why on earth are we talking...  It is not even a follow up, it really is a question that I answered already.. I am always amazed by how that happens way way way too much. And not just with one person many.. I think maybe I am around the wrong people.. people that do not listen.

Another and last thing that gets to me, is when I ask a question and NEVER get an answer.. Really that annoys me greatly. What is funny about this is most times when I ask it later I get the answer... so really it is just them not reading and skipping over it. If I talking to them it is even funnier when I do not get answers, face to face and no answer, that is funny... Annoying mostly.

This all really happens online mostly but happens when I talk to people as well. But hell if that is how they want to be treated then sure I can do the same as well..

That is all for now ^_^

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