Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So it begins

Well, I been trying to make a review blog but over all that got to be more of a hassle being that I did not really have all that much time to make the post and I always felt it would be better as a video instead of a written blog. So I changed mind and decided who cares and stopped it. Besides their is way way way many other reviewers around that do a way better job then I did.

Now that leads to this.. I wanted to have a blog to post things on my mind, maybe to clear things up or just to rant and rave a bit. Now I am sure I am apart of Facebook, Twitter and G+ I more could of posted this at those places but for some reason that did not seem right. Also I wanted it apart from the Social Networks as well I planed to update this when I can about many different things and found it easier to post links, Images and other things on the blog then on each Social Media.

But most that are reading this will ask why post it online at all, well really if I do not have a place to post it odds are I will never do it. For me to waste any time on anything a reason must be given so for me this is the reason, also to relieve stress from work and other annoying things in life. It seems over all something is wrong with me or something.. Most likely me, but when I type this I think about it and see things I would not see other wise and who knows maybe someone will say something and it will help, odds are no, but who knows.

At the same time, I see things that boggles my mind and I just need to say something about it... So ta da!!! This is born from all that.

As for schedule I am not going to have one, I may update daily or every few days, but I do want to post a few times a week.

Mostly about my life, things I saw, read, what I working on, work.. anything really, it is a blog after all ^_^

So lets see what happens as odds are nothing will but it is for fun =3

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