Thursday, July 12, 2012

Movie day

Well, on 7/11/12 I was out all day with my Sister and my youngest nephew (her youngest son). We did a few things since my mothers birthday is this Saturday we wanted to get gag gifts for her as well as just spend the day out. After around 2.5 hours of delays, we finally meet up. We ended up watching a movie (Brave), go to spencers, eat at popeyes, and watch another movie (Amazing Spider Man) and then go shopping for groceries. Now details about each in that order ;)

Brave, was a fun film, before I went to see the movie I heard that people, some activist of some stupidity thought that Merida was a lesbian.. First thing I plan to say.. Whoever thought that is a dumb-ass. First off she did show interest on the one warrior guy, but he was not a son. She is a tomboy at most. She did not like wearing the corset she did wear womens clothing and any other thing people just did not read the whole picture only parts of it.

Brave was a fun film, I really barely notice the the 1hr 40min play time which is good, I loved the sound track and the animation was great, Merida hair was just awesome ^_^ I loved it. The story.. Is a normal suspect-able story I saw and read this type of story before someone that did not want to do what her family, in this case mother, wants her to do. But at end they learn they both was fighting each other to hard and did not listen. Same story but a new package and this package is fun. I would not buy this film watching once was more then enough for me. If there is a special package where it comes extended cut or with other pixar movies, I may buy it. Over all just seeing it once is enough. Worth a rental or if you want to do something for about 2 hours.

Spencers.. the stuff there seems to be not as good as years ago and they moved a lot more towards sex toys.. Maybe it's this one store, but really I did not find many gag gifts or things I really want, before I use to go in and want like 75% of the store, now I barely wanted 20% and that's with hard work looking around. But I did find a gag gift and a card for my mom ^_^ love both!!

Popeyes, now I wanted to eat here since you can tell they are trying hard to beat KFC. But.. they should not really they should not, they have different taste in food but I did not like the food I ate better then KFC. I ate the chicken tenders, mash potato's w/Cajun sauce, biscuit, and a bit of my sister chicken drumstick. They was ok really, the chicken was just ok, not great nothing I would write home about. The Chicken my sister had a drumstick and thigh (I think) are smaller then KFC but taste different. The Mash and Gravy.... That gravy was watery and really it was not that great I ate two bites and stopped it was that bad. The biscuit was butter biscuit it was ok a bit on hard side but that was ok as well. Over all it was ok, I rather go to KFC but they was ok. I will try to go again and maybe another store to give them a fair chance, but as I see it.. they are ok and if you are hungry and one is near you try them out.

Now it's time for ASM!! This movie I will say was ok. I tried going into it with no prior opinions or talking or reading anyones reviews. But I did hear it was a great movie and some people sated it was just ok. I will say I am with the just ok group. The first thing I thought was this film is like batman.. then I said why does Peter Parker look like Edward from twilight.. Besides that other things bothered me, Conners being a pure ass and bad guy, Peter so easily exposing his ID to anyone and taking his mask off. The fact that he dropped the search so easy (maybe a second movie plot point) Also, why on earth his Spider Sense did not work when the lizard attacked in the sewers?? So many questions... Other things that bugged me was the P.O.V. That was 100% meant for 3d it was fun once and maybe twice but they did it a few too many times for me. The love scenes is ok but it seems kinda put together but it was ok. How it reminded me of bat man you ask? Well how many people died in this movie that Peter knew and effected him emotional? I counted 4..

Good things about the movie, Spider Man being a crack ass, I loved that wish they would of done more. The fights was good, the love story was good tho he exposed ID really really fast, I was waiting for him to show Aunt May but I think she knew towards the end but not 100% sure. The fight with lizard was great but over all I would of liked it better if it did not felt like it was just put their to advance plot. I did like that uncle Ben went down fighting, that was brave. Over all this was a good movie worth watching once, unlike Avengers, Iron Man and other movies, I do not feel like watching ASM again, once was more then enough. Bad thing is the famous line was not in the movie at all, "With great power comes great responsibility” sadly it was not in the movie at all, uncle Ben was talking about responsibility but it was forced it seemed to me. Specially the scene it involved but over all the movie was just ok, I liked it but wish there was more of certain things, and to have a more smooth transition.

Over all a great day with sister ^_^ I enjoy it and love her much!!

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