Thursday, August 22, 2013


Ok, well I just found out Madonna has gold grills on her teeth and I figured out I do not give a flying shit if she has Gold Grills or is even alive.. Not sure that makes me a bad person but really in end who cares? 

Is someone life so empty and undefined that they care about someone else teeth? Think about that a sec, you are not a dentist, you not a friend, related or anything to this person, and you say you care she has gold grills? That is sad!! Really you mean nothing at all to her, and do not give me that BS that you meet her one day or she said she cares for all her fans. Unless you talk to her daily or any of these people as often as you do friends, you are nothing to them at best you are an ant they can squish and never miss.

Only reason I even cared enough to find out what's up with her teeth is I was writing something and I figure I use something stupid like that as a gag line. So I saw it on AOL and figure I find out more details like what was up with her teeth and then I saw it and I thought who the fuck cares -_- but in end if I was not writing something and decided to use that as a gag line, I would of never cared enough to find out more. I would of just ignored it.

This reminded me of Cyndi Lauper: Still So Unusual (btw I have to google that) it was being advertise on TV almost in every commercial break, I finally gave in and wanted to know who the hell she was, really I did not know -_- BUT I found out she was a singer and sang a song I liked I was oh, that lady!!! I know her now… I thought she was dead… after that I still never watched the show. Mostly because I stopped watching TV and stood to watch things online where I can easily ignore any commercials and I pretty much do that.

It is not like I never EVER heard of these people, I knew Cyndi from her songs and Mononna is famous for singing so I heard of them, but their personal lives… I do not care.  For example, I love Will Smith I think he is a great actor, every role he does he does well and yes including Handcock he did it great. Not his fault editing and scripts are bad jobs are jobs. BUT I did not know he was even married none the less had a few kids till after I saw “The Pursuit of Happyness” then I found out he was married and did have kids, I was like wow that is nice, moving on…

Just in end of day these are just people who do a job, just because I like the job they do does not mean I care about their lives. You can say what you want, but I like some baker’s cookies, some cooks food and some people are great a customer service and I do not give a shit about their lives as well. Nor do you no reason to care about these famous people lives as well.  Do not get me wrong at all, I care about my friends lives all the time, I ask how they doing any fun news and I love the stories they tell. But these famous people… Ones I never meet and most likely never will. I really do not see why what they do is so important that it is consider NEWS, I remember when news use to be about something happening important not that Famous Bitch #1 dress looks better then Famous Bitch #2.

But then you may say something to me like, oh you have some famous people in your FB account, well I do, yes I do, but you see, I FUCKING TALK TO THEM!! More than just posting on their updates, I interact with them, talk to them on FB IM and so on, not daily, we all busy after all but as much as I do some friends.  So we are more than just fan and famous person I think so anyway, we may not be greatest friends on earth but I still care about their life some and besides in some cases I am not really a fan of theirs ;) I just added them and started talking to them and in one bad case I did not even know they was famous @@

Also you can say I do not care about current events and so on.. Which is partly true I do not care, but I do keep track of some more important things then did Justin Bieber take a shit today, did he? I do not care so do not tell me. But I prefer the more real news, about what really going on, wars, and are places fixed, government spending and lies. Not that Obama has a new dog, which I don’t fuckin’ care.

In end I do not suspect people to relate or even read this, I think maybe 5 people will read this if I am lucky, this is just a rant about how I see things and how sad I see us being as well to vent and practice so I do not go on a killing spree, so really, have fun and eat a cookie!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Moved away...

WELLLLLLL I have not posted in a few months sorry sorry all, well if anyone watches this I am sorry. 

Most reason I did not post is because well I been depress or lazy, you can decided which you prefer. I know I been depress for last few years and wanted to do a few things to change my life around in a great way, also I play to see a psychologists soon but that will not be for a few months.
But for now in the last few months much has changed I have moved from PA and now live in Cali, which is all thanks to a friend, but sadly I still seem to depend on others to have a roof and so on… But my plans are to find my own place soon; very very soon, I think moving out and being with a roommate or on my own will help a lot. I think over all roommate idea is best, I know a friend that is very nice and we have a lot in common, comics, movies, food, and so on.. So that would be great I am sure we will have issues at first but that is ok, always ok.

Besides that I am working on art, writing and my site, so once they are all done I will be updating this thing a lot more. My plans for updates is a whitecastle review, a DiGiorno Pizza, a few movie reviews, I saw a few movies, including IRONMAN 3. Besides those I also reading a book I like some I may review that, especially if site done and I join amazon affiliate program.. Got to earn me some money after all, tho I doubt that will bring in any money really but it’s worth a try.

As long as I do not get too depress I should be able to keep going. Once I get my own place I will be offline for a week maybe two but once I return I will post. I plan to keep the limit on how long I take off less now.  I hoping for the next update to be within 2 weeks, not sure what it will be but I leaning towards the Food ones, maybe one or both at once to hurry.

Also one day I was applying for a job and someone said I have nice handwriting O_o I was shocked and happy, some reason it made me feel good.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lexviews: Chima and The Batman

Lego Legends of Chima

I just finished watching Chima around 30 minutes ago... I t took me some time to think about the show... But lets start at the beginning.

When I saw the commercials for this show, first thing I thought of was Lego Thundercats! After watching it... I still think Lego Thundercats with some changes... Really there tag line of beast like you never seen them before is really really wrong I seen this before, and done better the first show was not all that well done. It does not pull me in at all. Also it seems so much like Thundercats, and a few other shows put together. Also the legendary beast (which are big normal animals) only one appears for about a minute that is it, they could of done without the beast really, the parents are alive so this show.. is already predictable right off the table. This is one show I will not be watching again.

The first episode rushed and shoved so much at you it really did not go into great details on any single idea. Every time it was getting into details something would happen (alligator would attack) then it would go in that direction and then another attack it really was not that great. Really at one point I have no idea how a war started, I felt like that meme “That escalated quickly” really it did so much happen in what I think is a few days at most that happen in the world and really it looks like it took place in one day which makes it more confusing.

Either way the enemy, if you can call it that, is not that much of a threat they used that friendship hook but really he is as much threat as a cool breeze is to a forest fire. He is far from a threat and is easy fought several times in this one movie making him seem as feared as well a marshmallow.. Really this is not a threat and towards the end of the show it looks like his sister changed, odds are that will be forgotten when it starts over again. Really I would of not even shown the beast in the first show that could have been a big revealed at end of series but nooo.. They exposed one at the start making it not that big later on. Gotta love shows that want to sell products.


This show, I watched all 5 seasons a few weeks ago. I liked it MOSTLY... I like the ideas they put out and the designs of most the characters and the ideas they had of the bad guys. Even how Hugo Strange replaced Scarecrow that is 100% fine with me, Hugo is a good Batman villian smart and cunning but obsessive. The Joker I had mix feelings for he was good in some areas and other areas he was more like a joke, over all decent. Other villains, Mr Freeze, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and so on I did like. Bane was a bit crazy but really he was ok as well. Also Catwoman looked more like a bat then a cat but I was ok with that as well, at least she had a spine and was not one inch away from a super bowl half time show.

I loved, I repeat I LOVED Batgirl in this series, she was fun, and awesome. I really really wish they used her more and dove into her more. This series introduce her before robin which works well, once robin shows up it really is to many and they really work with robin more then batgirl which is sad. Only other thing I dislike is why was there no WONDER WOMAN in the JL? WHY? WHY!?! She is one of the key figures in the DCU and on top of that she is one of the trinity!!! WTF!!! She should have been in the JL, not like it would have been hard for them to add her, she would have been more fun to add then some others...

The Justice League really is a dog feast at end, all men and you can say the junior members count but not really.. just a bunch of men!! Really I understand Green Arrow, but they could of used her instead of hawkman, he was pretty much useless in the show. But I see why they used GA since his new show and all.. Also he is like batman I would of liked a animated show like batman using Green Arrow he is fun character and would have been nice to see Black Canary, Speedy, then Arsenal and Artemis

Mia Dearden would be a good side kick and it would show progression.. First used Roy then a few seasons he does the Young Justice thing and turn to red arrow then Arsenal and in between he trains Artemis and then Mai, which would be awesome series imo.. I pretty much thought of an outline that would work... -_-”

Anyway sorry to get off the series.. Really at end of Batman series, I liked it then the guest stars appear and drove away from the bat family. Which is sad since they had more stories to tell easily and more baddies. But I did like Superman and Batman did wear the Green Lantern ring which is awesome ^_^ which they would of dove more into it then just the few seconds he wore it wish it would of seen his WILLPOWER power that ring. Would of been fun to see. Also would of loved to seen more Superman/Batman team up. Over all I would love to see a trinity series of cartoons, DC does well in the animation and tv department. But in movies they are more miss then hit which is sad. They have something good and do not go with it and canceled it or just stop. But that is life.

Anyway as for which show to watch.. Watch The Batman that show is good specially the first 4 seasons. The 5th is good as well do not get me wrong but they pull away from Batman too much it may as well be called brave and the bold or so. Chima... Do not watch it, I liked Ninjago but this series is well kinda like Ninjago meets Thundercats and a few other shows mixed in. Chima is good if that is the only thing on in hell but when you have choices, use them. For me I will read a book :)

As also this is just mu opinions on the shows I am no expert nor do I claim to be one. I just like to say what I feel and how I feel, nothing more or less. I have been into comics since 1989 I read them and collected them since and lost many over the years.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year update

Well hello all!!! How I miss talking (YES I KNOW I DO NOT DO IT ALOT)

I digress, the number one question on everyone mind is “What did I get for Xmas?” Well, I am well over kiddie age for xmas, it far from has same appeal as it does for kids and younger folks. For me most it's another day and the young ones get to get gifts for being young, so me being well over the age of kids I do not suspect anything and that is pretty much what I got. I did get some cloths but really that is far from what I wanted... Books, Comics and so on I want not cloths picked by people that have no idea what I like. But it was nice anyway :)

My NEW brand spanking new job will be Web Designing and update of the web site :) WHICH I WOV!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :) Finally a job I like and will be more then happy to do! I am looking for a new place to live but I get to be picky for once which I like.

So more good news as days go on, I am working daily on my stories both the Necromancer Girl and Emerald Reaper comics are coming along, also working on some writing I thought of a great story that I can turn to a Table Top Module with full stories and character types and classes. Which I can more then expand on easy. I came up with it as I watched The Spoony Experiment, which I would recommend if you have yet to watch it. I will post a few of my favorite videos at end of this blog.

I do have some review ideas to talk about I am hoping to expand on it as I think it over and type, the biggest issue with the reviews I seem to have is I see them better as videos and I far from have the space and camera for that atm.. but I will have the space soon just not the came but I could do a voice review like Zero Punctuation it is an idea, I may explore actually, we will see in a few weeks still the first few I know will be text reviews as I did on the other site I have to fix a few things and read others text reviews to get a better feel for it, so if you have a few link them I do just like to read em anyway ^_^

But over all I just want to voice some opinions and just say stuff! Specially if others have not pointed it out or did not go into it as much. I may also do some suggestions after some time, after all I need to get the audience first to make the suggestions and I know there are tons of other reviewers out there but that is ok :) one more will not hurt at all.

Well enough of that fun for now... I will make more blogs in time :)

Some good Spoony Vids
Counter Monkey These videos are just fun really very fun :) good learning and all around good time. Makes me want to do table tops again and gave me soooo many ideas for what to do and be a better table topper.

Ultima Reviews A fan a beloved fan gets betrayed and you get to see the end result of it all, to bad if I could redo the Ultima 8 and 9 I would of ended better.

Ever wonder why Yor is the man... Watch this =D After all he never seen the sun and some how he got a great golden tan.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Well all, it has been a few few weeks...well months been over two months since I updated, not from lack of excitement more or less just been really busy.

New owners took over where I work so I had to move and change a few things in life but good news is they are fixing up the place and they offered me a new job ^_^ I got trained in the easier one I will get trained in the other program later on. They want to try me out first which I like so far. So far the job not bad wish I had more like it but as they say why wish when you can have!! So I will be looking for work where I will not have to go to an “office” I can make my own hours as long as I am on time with everything.

So soon I will do that more then other things but for now I will do my best to reach my goals.

On other points I hoping I will have the Halloween special done atm it's hard to tell if it will be done but I do know I will be only one to draw in it. I have 3 stories (well 4) in mind and it should be tied together. I plan to have a lot and I mean LOTS of BG guest stars and one very big one!! I put NG and other comics on hold till I finish this comic. My birthday is in a few weeks so I am hoping I will have all the pencil work done by then and have some inking done. If not after my birthday it will be fast pace and that does not sound fun so I will be working on it ^_^

With Necromancer Girl comic, I am nearly done with chapter 1 I had a few hiccups along the way but I am nearly done but my plan is to have it out for Jan or Feb I am not sure what date yet I want to do Jan but I feel I will have better luck in February to sell.

Besides art things I have written a little waaaay less then I really wanted to but more then I did last year, not counting scripts over messenger. So I am more then happy atm ^_^

Also I watched Avengers, ASM, and Batman, and Really outta the 3 I liked the Avengers the most, ASM was ok too much like Batman and man did he expose his ID like 4 times in the film, and Batman was ok, I did not feel much for it, it was ok, acting ok, story ok, nothing amazing about the two films. It was just ok, not really worth the price of the movie ticket but I will not complain about it too much. As for Avengers I liked it enough to get the pre order and I do own the 4 disc collection ^_^

I may get into it more later on but I doubt it really, so do not suspect such a thing.

I have been playing DCU Online and that game is semi fun in all sorts of ways, it's boring if you play alone a lot but fun if you play with others. Make new friends and have fun, that is the way it is fun, but that is the same with any MMO. I meet a lot of nice people and I plan to play longer but as of now I play a few hours a week. Just to do something while waiting. But I made a few heroes tried to get a few to look like my own but I see to many limits I do not like. Limits on powers and types of heroes, you can be a person that heals, gives energy or tanks, also the DPS class but any can be DPS. But those limits are not too fun. And the powers I do not like too much as well, it seems limited but playable for now anyway.

Well for now this is all I have to say my birthday is soon so more will be talked then I think ^_^ things are changing and soon they will get better I hope :) So we will see.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Long Week

Hello all, it's been a while, why you may ask?? Well, I been working on art and I been working. The two days off I was suppose to have during the week was canceled and I ended up having to not work Friday and Saturday but I ended up helping out with work anyway when my mom came around. Also I wanted to watch her, she gets panic attacks and seizures so I wanted to watch her, just in case!

But good news nothing happen to her, bad news I did not get to do all the things I wanted to do on my days off. Oh well I did draw 5 pages of a comic, now am I going to keep those 5 pages... maybe not the pages are ok but I hate the direction it is going, well not hate, but dislike is a better word...

Besides that I read and seen countless things that got me asking questions such as wtf...

Such as Annoying Orange.. really who on earth okayed that show? I watched all the commercials, and I watched one ep.. and really.. it is beyond stupid!! The mouths do not sync up with what they saying, the mouths just move and the voice talks, pauses and the such are not around.. It is a stupid show, makes no sense and really is a waste of time.

Cartoon Network is the current generations MTV, where they should play Cartoons but they slowly pulling away from cartoons and moving to live action garbage. And really that's what they all been, I have yet seen one live action show on Cartoon Network I would sit and watch, Level Up is just dumb, that is not how ANYTHING works, why is the girl not a gamer? She is just your stereotype girl, that is dumb. That Dr Eric show... yea that is just stupid mix with dumb.

I also been watching Green Lantern lately, and I am not even shocked that I do not like it. I have no idea that Kilowog and Hal was such a stupid team. Every episode they loose their power and really the most powerful weapons in the universe and they only make small things... I have no idea what to say.. Also I am not a big fan of CGI I see how it is a good thing being you do not have to remake the same image 100000 times but... I do not like it, still looks a little stiff for me and I can not like it as much as normal animation. Young Justice I like it but I really dislike what origins they used for the characters. I dislike the Superman like SuperBoy I liked it when he was not just a copy of Superman, but now that all he is a weaker version of Superman and that is sad. This SuperBoy is always angry and mad and you just want to punch him, while the 2nd SuperBoy from when Superman died was not angry all the time but cool and mad mistakes and was not just a Superman clone. The shorts are ok, tho I dislike some of them a little, but not enough to not enjoy it.

Anyway I read lots of comics this week as well, NextMen, KickAss2, HitGirl, to name a few, not just one issue a few issues for Kick Ass I read #2-current and Next Men I read around 16 issues. Hit Girl only has one issue out that I know of.. So yea that is a fun read all of them ^_^

Also I drew a bit this week, not as much as I planned I need to change some things now in my scheduling but nothing big just some changes in what I do and when.. Maybe not a big change as well since I have to do a few things :)

But really over all I want to fix my sites some so I been working on that more then anything else, so I can make my site and move forward with my plans!!!

Anyway have fun all =3

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Movie day

Well, on 7/11/12 I was out all day with my Sister and my youngest nephew (her youngest son). We did a few things since my mothers birthday is this Saturday we wanted to get gag gifts for her as well as just spend the day out. After around 2.5 hours of delays, we finally meet up. We ended up watching a movie (Brave), go to spencers, eat at popeyes, and watch another movie (Amazing Spider Man) and then go shopping for groceries. Now details about each in that order ;)

Brave, was a fun film, before I went to see the movie I heard that people, some activist of some stupidity thought that Merida was a lesbian.. First thing I plan to say.. Whoever thought that is a dumb-ass. First off she did show interest on the one warrior guy, but he was not a son. She is a tomboy at most. She did not like wearing the corset she did wear womens clothing and any other thing people just did not read the whole picture only parts of it.

Brave was a fun film, I really barely notice the the 1hr 40min play time which is good, I loved the sound track and the animation was great, Merida hair was just awesome ^_^ I loved it. The story.. Is a normal suspect-able story I saw and read this type of story before someone that did not want to do what her family, in this case mother, wants her to do. But at end they learn they both was fighting each other to hard and did not listen. Same story but a new package and this package is fun. I would not buy this film watching once was more then enough for me. If there is a special package where it comes extended cut or with other pixar movies, I may buy it. Over all just seeing it once is enough. Worth a rental or if you want to do something for about 2 hours.

Spencers.. the stuff there seems to be not as good as years ago and they moved a lot more towards sex toys.. Maybe it's this one store, but really I did not find many gag gifts or things I really want, before I use to go in and want like 75% of the store, now I barely wanted 20% and that's with hard work looking around. But I did find a gag gift and a card for my mom ^_^ love both!!

Popeyes, now I wanted to eat here since you can tell they are trying hard to beat KFC. But.. they should not really they should not, they have different taste in food but I did not like the food I ate better then KFC. I ate the chicken tenders, mash potato's w/Cajun sauce, biscuit, and a bit of my sister chicken drumstick. They was ok really, the chicken was just ok, not great nothing I would write home about. The Chicken my sister had a drumstick and thigh (I think) are smaller then KFC but taste different. The Mash and Gravy.... That gravy was watery and really it was not that great I ate two bites and stopped it was that bad. The biscuit was butter biscuit it was ok a bit on hard side but that was ok as well. Over all it was ok, I rather go to KFC but they was ok. I will try to go again and maybe another store to give them a fair chance, but as I see it.. they are ok and if you are hungry and one is near you try them out.

Now it's time for ASM!! This movie I will say was ok. I tried going into it with no prior opinions or talking or reading anyones reviews. But I did hear it was a great movie and some people sated it was just ok. I will say I am with the just ok group. The first thing I thought was this film is like batman.. then I said why does Peter Parker look like Edward from twilight.. Besides that other things bothered me, Conners being a pure ass and bad guy, Peter so easily exposing his ID to anyone and taking his mask off. The fact that he dropped the search so easy (maybe a second movie plot point) Also, why on earth his Spider Sense did not work when the lizard attacked in the sewers?? So many questions... Other things that bugged me was the P.O.V. That was 100% meant for 3d it was fun once and maybe twice but they did it a few too many times for me. The love scenes is ok but it seems kinda put together but it was ok. How it reminded me of bat man you ask? Well how many people died in this movie that Peter knew and effected him emotional? I counted 4..

Good things about the movie, Spider Man being a crack ass, I loved that wish they would of done more. The fights was good, the love story was good tho he exposed ID really really fast, I was waiting for him to show Aunt May but I think she knew towards the end but not 100% sure. The fight with lizard was great but over all I would of liked it better if it did not felt like it was just put their to advance plot. I did like that uncle Ben went down fighting, that was brave. Over all this was a good movie worth watching once, unlike Avengers, Iron Man and other movies, I do not feel like watching ASM again, once was more then enough. Bad thing is the famous line was not in the movie at all, "With great power comes great responsibility” sadly it was not in the movie at all, uncle Ben was talking about responsibility but it was forced it seemed to me. Specially the scene it involved but over all the movie was just ok, I liked it but wish there was more of certain things, and to have a more smooth transition.

Over all a great day with sister ^_^ I enjoy it and love her much!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Ok, now for the last few days maybe even weeks this has been happening to me, mostly online as well.

I would ask two questions and get one answer that really does not explain anything at all.. An example would be:

How is the weather? Hot? Rainy?

They would answer with this:


Now, I will wait a few seconds and see no other activity from them.. I am not 100% sure about you all, but that does not answer my question at all, is it hot? rainy? I have no idea... So then I have to ask them again about it and then they will finally answer me after asking them AGAIN...

Really why on earth do I have to even ask more then once? This is just an example but over all it happens way to much really. If I asked a question answer it properly most times they say yes and it means something else really.

Another thing that just makes me angry is when I go though all the trouble of typing something lets say like this. And then after about 10 mins of talking, they ask a question, normally that is good but when the answer to the question is something I talked about in details 10 mins ago... I am not happy to explain all this again. Really if you are not reading or listening then why on earth are we talking...  It is not even a follow up, it really is a question that I answered already.. I am always amazed by how that happens way way way too much. And not just with one person many.. I think maybe I am around the wrong people.. people that do not listen.

Another and last thing that gets to me, is when I ask a question and NEVER get an answer.. Really that annoys me greatly. What is funny about this is most times when I ask it later I get the answer... so really it is just them not reading and skipping over it. If I talking to them it is even funnier when I do not get answers, face to face and no answer, that is funny... Annoying mostly.

This all really happens online mostly but happens when I talk to people as well. But hell if that is how they want to be treated then sure I can do the same as well..

That is all for now ^_^

So it begins

Well, I been trying to make a review blog but over all that got to be more of a hassle being that I did not really have all that much time to make the post and I always felt it would be better as a video instead of a written blog. So I changed mind and decided who cares and stopped it. Besides their is way way way many other reviewers around that do a way better job then I did.

Now that leads to this.. I wanted to have a blog to post things on my mind, maybe to clear things up or just to rant and rave a bit. Now I am sure I am apart of Facebook, Twitter and G+ I more could of posted this at those places but for some reason that did not seem right. Also I wanted it apart from the Social Networks as well I planed to update this when I can about many different things and found it easier to post links, Images and other things on the blog then on each Social Media.

But most that are reading this will ask why post it online at all, well really if I do not have a place to post it odds are I will never do it. For me to waste any time on anything a reason must be given so for me this is the reason, also to relieve stress from work and other annoying things in life. It seems over all something is wrong with me or something.. Most likely me, but when I type this I think about it and see things I would not see other wise and who knows maybe someone will say something and it will help, odds are no, but who knows.

At the same time, I see things that boggles my mind and I just need to say something about it... So ta da!!! This is born from all that.

As for schedule I am not going to have one, I may update daily or every few days, but I do want to post a few times a week.

Mostly about my life, things I saw, read, what I working on, work.. anything really, it is a blog after all ^_^

So lets see what happens as odds are nothing will but it is for fun =3